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IONIX Shampoo 500ml Infused With Argan Oil

IONIX Diamond Drops Shampoo offers a gentle and moisturizing cleanser for dry, brittle or even color-treated hair. Infused with Argan Oil, this daily shampoo works into a rich lather that dissolves oils, dirt, styling products and other impurities that dull and weigh down your hair.  As a result your hair is left feeling softer, stronger and more manageable.

Moisture Vitality Shampoo – Acai

Moisturizing formula that gently cleanses the hair without stripping the color. Acai Moisture Vitality Shampoo is composed of natural anti-oxidants and extracts from the Acai super fruit. It has been formulated to work with the Acai Moisture Vitality Shampoo to achieve maximum results. Sustains the hairs natural beauty and adds shine to your hair.BENEFITS:Leaves the hair feeling healthy clean without leaving any film or residue Achieves great results on both color and non-color treated hair Gives hair a healthy glow and shine Nourishes both hair and scalp Prepares the hair for all finishing touches