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Abril Et Nature Fepean 2000 Anti-Dandruff Treatment Kit

$60.00 $55.00
Kit Includes:
  • 1 Bain Shampoo Anti-Dandruff 8.5 oz / 250 ml
  • 1 Lotion Anti-Dandruff 3.38 oz / 100 ml
  • Clean and dandruff-free hair after the first application.
  • Fresh, scalp-free scalp.
  • Disappearance of scalp irritation.
  • Recovery of natural hydration of the scalp and hair.

Abril Et Nature Fepean 2000 Anti-Hair Loss +Plus Lotion Ampollas 50 Count

$175.00 $125.00
It stops dihydro-testosterone (DHT) being produced, preventing initiation of the hair follicle degradation process, by hormonal cause. It improves micro-circulation in a “natural” way, that is, similar to the way our own body controls cutaneous micro-circulation. It stimulates growth and cellular proliferation and slows down the ageing process. With plant growth factor proteins.

Abril Et Nature Fepean2000 Strengthening Hair Treatment Kit

$65.00 $55.00
Abril Fepean 2000 Strengthening Hair Treatment Kit It exerts a natural anti-septic action purifying the scalp. It contributes a natural seborregulating action. It is important to prevent excess sebum from clogging the hair follicles.