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Look and Smell Good, Fresh and Pleasant

Look and Smell Good, Fresh and Pleasant

Attractiveness is not only based on physical appearance, voice, talents/skills, character or the content of the substances you carry in life.

The Laws of Attractiveness

Attractiveness is not only based on physical appearance, voice, talents/skills, character or the content of the substances you carry in life. Smelling good can also really make you attractive. Do you want to exhibit a scent or smell that people will love to be around or run away from? It’s very important to prioritize the care of your body odor or smell just like any urgent matter in your life, otherwise it will either make people love you or hate you. Sad, but true.

Odor and Smell

Consequently, your overall body odor or smell depends on several factors. We will just mention a few and go to the solutions. “Odor” has been defined as a bad or unpleasant smell, while “smell’ is usually attributed or used for things that have good and pleasant scent or smell. Body odor generally is considered as an unpleasant smell our bodies produce when bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat into acids. There is a couple of discoveries about these phenomena, experiences show it is the smell of bacteria growing on the body, while other findings also prove it is actually the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids. It is also known as B.O., bromhidrosis, osmidrosis, or ozochrotia. Whichever is proven to be true, “odor or bad smell” is bad and “Good or pleasant smell” is good, right? So, the most important point of our article are the solutions to when a body gives off a scent others may find unpleasant, or known as body odor.

It’s known that humans’ body odor may vary at different stages of life or with age. But it’s commonly known that it usually becomes obvious if measures are not taken when a person reaches puberty. Also, people who are obese, regularly eat spicy foods, as well as with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, are more likely to have body odor. People who sweat a lot, and with hyperhidrosis, may also likely have body odor.

Evidently, body odor transpire more in feet, groin, armpits, genitals, pubic hair and other hair, belly button, anus, behind the ears, on the skin and other areas of the human body.

Fighting Body Odor

Fighting or avoiding body odor starts from knowing your body, health conditions and environment. Understanding how your body reacts to seasons or weathers also is a great deal in avoiding body odor. One important thing is to know how long your body stays fresh, pleasant or odorless after you take shower as well. Some people’s body start producing body odor just a few minutes after they take shower, and some not really until after a few hours.

1)  Taking Shower

Among all the tips or things to fight body odor, the starting point is responsibly taking showers. Do your best to take shower daily if possible or unless you have medical conditions which makes it difficult. Taking shower is much more like medicine to the body to stay healthy, fresh and smelling good.

2) Make a Perfume, Fragrance or Cologne Your Best Friend

Making use of different scents and wash routines is a must to keep your body smelling good, fresh and pleasant. Fragrances, perfumes and colognes are a great temporary helper or solution. Since the old days, people of all races, culture and beliefs, rich and poor have used different kinds of fragrances and scented oils to keep their bodies smelling good, fresh and pleasant. It’s also important to note that what fragrance, perfume or cologne that will work for one, might not work for the other. So, you have to try several of them and finally settle with the ones you know work better for your body.

3) Keep Your Armpits Washed and Clean

The best way to keep your armpit washed and clean is to take shower daily. Wash them regularly using anti-bacterial soap is possible. When armpits have hair, it slows down the evaporation of sweat, giving the bacteria more time to break it down into smelly materials. Shaving your armpits regularly will help control body odor in that area.

4) Deodorant or Antiperspirant

Use Deodorants or Antiperspirant. It makes the skin more acidic, making it more difficult for bacteria to emerge. An antiperspirant blocks the sweating action of the glands, resulting in less sweating. It’s also important note that some observations show that antiperspirants can cause breast cancer or prostate cancer. However, there are also natural one on the market you can try.

5) Keep Your Hair Washed and Clean

One of the area on human body which produces and retains odor is the hair. Keeping your hair clean and fresh can prevent body odor. Lightly rob some good scents, perfume or fragrance in your hair or your hairbrush. Note “lightly” because if you rob or put perfume or Fragrance heavily in your hair it can cause hair damage.

6) Keep Your Feet Washed and Clean

Taking a daily shower will do this best. Wash your feet at least once a day. It’s advisable to use warm water than cold water because it will help fight some bacteria. Don’t leave your feet un-dry after shower or washing it. Make sure you dry your feet completely, including in between your toes.

7) Keep Your Socks Clean and Dry

Sock allow the sweat to evaporate. Observations show that the best ones are those made of a combination of fibers and wool. Get those, wash and keep them always dry and clean.

8) Keep Your Shoes Clean and Fresh

Regardless of the type of shoes you wear, make sure you always keep them clean and fresh. Try to leave them outside or in the open air for a given time for the bad scent or odor to evaporate before taking them in the room or shoe closet if you tend to have a sweaty foot. If possible, try to wear different shoes everyday allowing them to be naturally refreshed before wearing them again the next time. Avoid having shoes on for long period unnecessarily.

9) Keep Your Clothing Clean and Fresh

Wash your clothing, and if possible wear one clothing per day allowing you to wash what you have already worn before wearing it again. Use or moderately spray your clothing with your favorite and working fragrance to keep it smelling good.  Experts also suggest that you wear natural fibers to allow your skin to breathe, resulting in better evaporation of sweat, and these include Natural-made fibers include wool, silk or cotton.

10) Watch Your Diet or What You are Eating

It been said your body becomes what you are eating or your daily diet. Spicy foods, including curry, garlic, and other spicy foods have known as bad body odor producers because they make you sweat rapidly. Red meat also is on that list of food to avoid if your body produce bad body odor quickly.

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